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Busy, busy, busy…

Time management is usually one of my strong traits.  Not so during the past few weeks.  I have been busy, busy, busy and allowed myself to become a little overwhelmed for a moment.  Graduate school started on August 24, the … Continue reading

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Shade Balls!

Leave it to Californians to deliver one of the greatest(and simplest) innovations in sustainable technologies.  Within the past week, officials have released over 96 million black plastic balls into the Los Angeles Reservoir. What for? These roughly 4-inch diameter black … Continue reading

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Is desalination of sea water the correct method to address California’s drought?

Recently it was announced that a new desalination plant located in Carlsbad will begin operating in the fall, and the company plans to build another plant in Huntington Beach.  The idea of desalination of sea water seems like a good … Continue reading

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Riparian buffers essential to water quality

While researching for my Wetlands course, I came across some published scientific literature on the topic of the management of riparian buffers.  Initially I was looking for information on the process of improving water quality via filtration by aquatic plants within … Continue reading

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When it comes to droughts, California is not alone

California is not alone — Washington has joined the drought ranks. The severe drought conditions in the state of California are well-known in recent days.  It has only been a few weeks since Governor Jerry Brown issued his Executive Order, … Continue reading

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Clean Drinking Water

Clean Drinking Water A Discussion of the Water Treatment Process A typical day in a typical American household will see several trips to the kitchen sink for a glass of water, a pot of water to cook with, water to … Continue reading

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