foodie by nature, healthy by design


Welcome to the first new page.  And it is about food. I could not resist.  I have ideas and I must share them.  I do not have a completely planned format for this, so it will be a working page.  Evolution will run its course here.  (See–I did use something “science-y.”)

Our dining lifestyle changed about a year ago. We almost elimated meat and meat products, and junk food, altogether from our household diet.  We have become quite creative with using beans and other protein-rich whole plant foods to replace meats.  This decision came not from the desire to become vegan or stop eating meats forever.  But we determined that our high fat, cholesterol, sugars, etc were detrimental to our long-term survival on this planet.  We hope to be here for a few more decades, and changing our diet was one step in the right direction.

We still treat ourselves to occasional snacks and other desired foods from our torrid foodie past, but we are constantly looking ahead to feeling better and living longer!  Our food choices have become more grounded in choosing whole plant foods.  We try to cook everything from scratch, with occasional uses of some not-so-healthful items too.  (We are still human, with taste buds.)  Sugars are limited, breads and other similar carbs are limited, and we have become better at planning ahead–although this is still evolving too. We try to choose local, sustainably sourced whole foods whenever possible.  Organic choices become the priority for foods whose skins will be consumed and when we can afford it.  I am not jumping on the NON-GMO bandwagon, as I understand the science behind #GeneticModification.  But I will choose those foods that I know or believe to be sustainably sourced over the mass-produced cheaply grown foods that may be susceptible to corner-cutting during production.  I want to live on this #Earth, breathe clean air, drink clean water, and grow healthful food in good, nonpolluted soil. And I want my fellow Earthlings to enjoy those things too.

Enjoy the postings here. Take my recipes and make them your own. Share some of your own ideas here too.  Comments and questions are welcome.





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