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And you thought it was just for your entertainment!

Science has once again given us an example of “mind control” in use today.  Although the term might conjure some sci-fi imagery, we are not being controlled like mindless zombies. (Or are we?) The topic in question comes from a … Continue reading

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It’s all about challenging ourselves

Apparently I have not been challenging myself enough.  Hardly at all lately.  So this week it changes.  I have challenged myself to write at least one item daily from here on out.  I should have been doing this already, but … Continue reading

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It’s all in your head

Who hasn’t felt the nerve-wrenching, boiling cauldron of fury that wells up when we hear that phrase?  After all, no one appreciates hearing something regarded as insensitive. Well, ladies, I have good news for you.  It IS in your head.  But, … Continue reading

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To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question…..

We all can agree that sleep is important to our overall health.  We have learned through countless medical and scientific studies how sleep, or the lack thereof, affects us physically and emotionally.  Some have even studied how sleep affects memory.  … Continue reading

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Gardening — It does a body good

I have always had a fondness for gardening.  My fondness, however, has not always meant that I have had a green thumb.  Nor has it meant that I have had time and space for gardening.  There have been times when … Continue reading

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California Department of Public Health: Just Say No to Seafood

While not all seafood is affected, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has just issued an updated advisory regarding consumption of certain recreationally caught mollusks and other edible sea creatures. The original advisory was issued in early June, and … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Fireworks Cause Increase in Particulate Matter…

As most Americans might be readying themselves for countless celebrations across the nation this weekend, a small group will be taking to the air to get a different perspective on the light shows showering our evening skies.  A study from … Continue reading

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Look up!

Now that Summer is here some of us may have some more opportunities for stargazing.    Just this week we witnessed Jupiter and Venus converging into a small area of our sky.  What an exciting event! And if you missed … Continue reading

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