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Is desalination of sea water the correct method to address California’s drought?

Recently it was announced that a new desalination plant located in Carlsbad will begin operating in the fall, and the company plans to build another plant in Huntington Beach.  The idea of desalination of sea water seems like a good … Continue reading

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Riparian buffers essential to water quality

While researching for my Wetlands course, I came across some published scientific literature on the topic of the management of riparian buffers.  Initially I was looking for information on the process of improving water quality via filtration by aquatic plants within … Continue reading

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Two (make that 3 so far) earthquakes so far in Nevada today….

I did not feel them, but they happened.  And they happened not far from Las Vegas! At 11:47 PST, a 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck about 24 miles south of Caliente, NV.  A few minutes later, at 12:05, another struck at … Continue reading

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Bladeless Wind Turbines?

Bladeless wind turbines? Wind is already known as a renewable energy source, and is being harnessed all over the world by windmills on farms and on wind farms (how do you like the play on words there?).  The process has … Continue reading

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When it comes to droughts, California is not alone

California is not alone — Washington has joined the drought ranks. The severe drought conditions in the state of California are well-known in recent days.  It has only been a few weeks since Governor Jerry Brown issued his Executive Order, … Continue reading

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First Completely Warm-blooded Fish Discovered

The discovery of the first wholly warm-blooded fish has made a splash in headlines recently.  It is the opah, also known as a moonfish.  “New research at NOAA Fisheries has revealed the opah, or moonfish, as the first fully warm-blooded … Continue reading

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Just Your Typical Everyday View of a Mountain on Another Planet. NBD.

Mosaic of Curiosity Mastcam images from May 11, 2015. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS. Edited by Jason Major. Of course, one of the amazing things about this image is that it IS pretty much something we can see every day, thanks to NASA’s…

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Even us old folks can graduate college…

If I can do it, anyone can do it! So, today is the hooding ceremony for 2015 graduates of Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies, with the graduation ceremony being held tomorrow.  I am one of those graduates, but I … Continue reading

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Tamarisk – Make it Go Away!

I was doing a little research for my wetlands class when I was struck with an idea.  I am going to officially join the battle against an invasive species that threatens the natives and future generations.  To what am I … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide surpasses 400 PPM

Carbon dioxide concentrations have officially surpassed the 400 ppm benchmark.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported on Wednesday the current atmospheric situation regarding the concentration of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (NOAA, 2015).  For the first time in … Continue reading

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